There’s some sort of magic in the Unexpected.


Have you ever been happy about something one day, and felt its complete opposite the next? No? Okay, because I do. And it’s surprisingly the most unexpected feeling. I never knew I’d be writing here about it, but here I am, sort of regretting, but also convincing myself that it’s for the better.

Well, I’m serving my notice period currently, and it’s my last day tomorrow, and honestly I’ve been wanting to leave since day 1, which of course, is really not cool, but I never got good vibes from this place, or even the people. But that’s normal; no new place would ever make you feel comfortable just like that, in the first go. You need to suit yourself to the environment, and make things work out for you. So I did. Made some friends, found motivation, started enjoying my work, and gathered enough confidence to face any kind of problem or situation with a smile on my face. Yes, there were times when almost everything around me was going against me, and I was on the verge of breaking down and giving up just like that, I was ready to walk out. And then I asked myself one simple question “Is this the same Tanya who writes about Positivity and motivates others to keep their hopes up, because good things always await the other side of the tunnel?” and that got me going. Yes, you can motivate yourself, you just need to keep your head up, and keep reminding yourself “You can do it, you can get through. Just smile, take a deep breath and fight your way into this world.”

Not that I literally “fought” my way out (that’s just to say), but it’s true that in a place like this, you can’t let short temperedness, ego or impatience take over. You need to be calm, and not react. The more you react, and the more you show how unhappy or dissatisfied you are, the more the others will take advantage of you, and step over you to move ahead. Be it anywhere, not just your workplace, there will be lots of cases where you’d probably want to give up and run away, but it’s self-belief and self-actualization that’s going to be your cure at times like this.

Today, being my second last day here, I’m slightly teary-eyed, because this place has given me a lot, taught me how to tackle situations, made me a stronger person, given me some good friends I can hold onto, introduced me to the kind of work I’d love to be associated with, in future, given me direction, and has also pushed me to be a better person who doesn’t need to react to unnecessary and irrelevant drama to get through life, but tackle them wisely and confidently to prove my worth, not just to others, but to myself as well, and the ability to accept things faster, than letting them hang around for no genuine reason.


There isn’t a single place on earth you’d dislike for too long. It’s a part of life to not like something or someone initially, but gradually ending up becoming a fan of that place or person later in life, because of the experiences involved. Always remember that if things go way too smoothly in your life for a long time, chances are that nothing is going right. There is a need of a couple of barriers you need to tackle, a couple of problems you need to find solutions to, a set of people to deal with, and a hundred situations to get through. Because without these, your life will be uneventful, boring, plain, and worthless. Challenges will add color, fun, memories, moments, experiences and lots of new learnings to your life. don’t fear taking risks.

Had I not stuck around that time when I felt like giving up, I wouldn’t have ever known the path I had to follow, I wouldn’t have known the right and mature way to tackle situations, and I might not have been able to write this article.

It’s the unexpected that changes our lives.

And here I am, about to start a new phase of my life in less than a month 🙂


Good Luck, buddy!




  1. JP Singh · June 27, 2016

    Patience and perseverance always pays and we are proud that you have such capabilities. May you always be successful in all your endeavours. God Bless You.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A Tale of Swirls · June 28, 2016

    You are my hero!

    Liked by 1 person

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