Intuition and trust: why you always know what’s best for you

Just what I needed. Thanks a lot Phoebe 🙂

Little Grey Box

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your skin? Like you’re a tourist in your own body, fidgety and uncomfortable in your clothes? Dissatisfied with what you’re doing but unsure why? Have you ever felt like you suddenly realised you don’t even know who you are or what you’re doing? Yep, that was me too.

For the longest time I felt like a foreigner on my own turf. I was incredibly self-conscious and easily embarrassed, if someone said something to me that wasn’t positive, encouraging or nice, I would take it to heart and get really down on myself about it. I’d spend hours replaying old conversations and interactions in my head, criticising myself, trying to work out what I could have said to be better or do better.

I would buy clothes I was told suited my body shape or were similar to other outfits I’d received compliments on. But when…

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