Everybody hurts.


Everybody hurts some day. Such is life. Agree? You might have always had aspirations to do the best and to be the best. At some point of time, you might have wanted to prove to someone how amazing a person you are, what all you can really do, so that they respect and love you in the end. I’m not putting you in this category, you might be a very different person and you might not be functioning this way, but there are many who really do. Its a proven fact that almost every person cares too much about what everyone thinks of them. It matters. Because they just want to be loved. And then there are people who just want to be popular in everyone’s eyes, so they’ll end up being nice to everyone, spend time, laugh together and still bitch about them. Categories can be formed. Its the intentions that really matter.
No matter how much you do for someone, put in those extra efforts, work hard , only to make them happy in the end, there will always be someone who’d come and ruin it for you. And all at once, your efforts will go to waste. How pathetic is that. Right? In situations like these, its always better to keep your calm and figure out what needs to be done, instead of fighting, arguing and letting everyone see your bad side. I think it’s always better to let it be, and wait. If you really have confidence in you, and know that you were fair and right then, then wait for everyone to turn towards you. Such is life. Its true that everybody is going to hurt you at some point of time, and its alright because everyone we know is fighting a battle we know nothing about, so its advisable to just always be kind and understanding. According to a lot of people, no one really has the intention to mess up a person’s life because it gives them happiness, its just all in the moment and definitely unintentional, unless you have some major issues unresolved. They might just be frustrated in life, going through some insanely serious and emotional stuff, and hence they just end up using you to feel better by making things tough for you. And its alright to let them feel this way. Just know how to handle such people and situations calmly.

Everybody hurts some days, it’s okay to be afraid. Everybody hurts some days. Yeah, we all feel pain.




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