Hope is a waking dream.


When everything seems so impossible , when the thing you really want turns into a lump of something , left aside , not bothered about , forgotten , and chucked out of your mind and heart , and well , you start telling yourself that there’s no point thinking about it .. And you think every day , every night , how to get yourself to stop wanting it anymore , completely , but no matter what you think , what decision you take , it just comes back to you in some way or the other , it haunts you , it makes you feel good , it makes you want it more , it makes you sick , it makes you feel everything at the same time . Why doesn’t it just let you go? Or why is it soo hard for you to let it go? I’m sure the reason behind either of the 2 is strong enough to make anyone believe that yes , good things happen , if you really work for it with love , honesty and simple dedication and commitment. And someone said “love will find a way” , so why wouldn’t you want to believe that? Why do you want to run away from it , when someone created this crazy word “hope” . And no matter what happens , keep that “hope” alive , because the day you kill it , you kill yourself . So what if what you hoped for , didn’t end up making you happy , or satisfied , what kept you alive throughout that time was that “hope” .. And I say that that one word “hope” gives you the strength and will to move ahead , if not move on , because there’s a difference. So you’re walking on a road , and fyi it never comes to an end , there’s a left , there’s a right , and even if u do reach a dead end , you can always take a U- turn and take a different route to reach where you want to be . A place that’ll accept you for who you are , and give you the opportunity to want what you need , that’ll make you happier and you’ll feel loved . And iv noticed that after all the ups and downs , breaks , speed ups and other variations in your life , it does take time , yes , but you still get there right? And the end, the result’s always surprising. Always loved surprises , then why not now ? When you went through a long time of something to get what you want , you didn’t know what’ll happen in the end but you still went ahead with it right ? That’s what we should do then. You have the answer . Whatever you do , follow your instincts , and you know its worth it , at least hope for it , i say.
I know its worth it , I believe in myself. Do you? 🙂




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