All I’ve ever wanted..

So i ended up writing this in 3 minutes. Had a lot on my mind, and since this is not just a random write-up, I’d like to share a major part of my life here 🙂

“It’s hard to wait around for something when you know it may never happen, but it’s even harder knowing its everything you want.”

There are certain people in your life who stay with you for the longest time ever, but with time, things change, people change. These people become a major major part of  your life, and every little thing in your life that’s ever happened has their names attached to it. Why? Because they’ve always been involved 🙂

Whatever may happen in your life, you’ll have them around to guide you, support you, celebrate with you and most importantly, love you.

Whatsoever happens, a person who’d never ever lose hope, who’d never give up so soon, who’d be positive throughout, is the real winner.

<<Slow Down, make it last
I’m having the time of my life
And take your photograph
I don’t want to leave this behind
What seems so out of reach
We’re holding it right in our hands
Let’s give up everything
Let’s jump in and never look back
This is all I ever wanted
but life got in my way
You’re all I ever wanted
I didn’t see how it could change
That something was missing until today>>

Before i get too emotional, I’d love to share something here 🙂




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