Circumstances force you to lie. Are you sure? You lie to save your ass. You lie to get away with something so stupid. You lie to hide your fears. You lie on purpose to make someone feel pathetic. You lie so that no one blames you. You lie all the time. You lie. If you aren’t accepting it now also, know that you’re lying to yourself. It’s true that almost everyone lies. They lie to their parents, best friends, siblings etc. What’s the need after all? Either you’re shameful of what you’ve done, or you’re too scared to own up for your mistakes. What’ll happen if you stand up for yourself for once and tell the truth. You’ll probably just be shouted at for lying before but at least you’ll be appreciated later for telling the truth. Sometimes its hard to be so positive about everything because well its true that people take advantage of that, and gradually one reverts to a little bit of negativity here and there, and says and does things that might be hurtful. Basically, one takes the support of a simple lie , he defends himself even when he knows he’s wrong, he shouts back when blamed for something because he’s guilty and wins the fight anyhow. One lie leads to another lie and that leads to another and to another. How someone can get away with one simple lie. Its sad. Nobody will judge you if you ever own up for your mistakes and lies, instead you’ll just be told to never go back there. If you base your life on lies and lies, you’ll never be happy, you’ll never get what you want and you’ll never be truly loved, and even if you have the money, the life, the amusement, the love etc , trust me its all just going to be with you for a short time. Karma will take it away from you someday. Well I don’t believe in karma but I have to say that you only get what you give. And if lying is a sin, then you should just start being true to yourself first.

“I don’t want someone to believe my lies, I need someone to accept my truths.”





  1. Midhuna · November 20, 2014

    The fact is that before lying, we people won’t think of such deep philosophical things. We think only about escaping from a particular situation, just for the time being. But there are people who are able to do so and it makes them great. Habits will form our character and if such good habits are followed by lesser mortals like, one day we too will attain greatness, like Gandhiji.

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    • tanyakochar · November 20, 2014

      Yeah, but you know it all comes down to trust. And that one word – TRUST holds so much weightage now, that even though we lie to get away from a situation, and you’re right, i mean who even thinks about these deep things and all, but the truth is, we cannot make ‘lying’ our excuse. Cannot depend on it. And one day, we’ll face the consequences. And suffer. It’s the smallest possible word, yet holds a bag full of emotions. The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones.


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