Motivation required? Here.

What happens when you can’t achieve something? Most of the times , you end up sitting in one corner , and keep thinking about it. You keep telling yourself that you’re a loser. You keep cursing yourself. You block everyone out for some time. You end up listening to senti songs. Sometimes EDM 😉 And run. But you also keep trying to figure out what went wrong. And sometimes , you just let it be , and say “Maybe I’m not worth it”. Have you ever said “Maybe I should give it another try.” ? You’ll never know where you stand till you don’t try. And even if you do fail in the first try, be nice to yourself and give yourself a few more chances. And if you don’t believe in chances , ask yourself in clear words if you believe in yourself. Every person has his own capabilities , caliber , strengths and weaknesses  and he knows what’s best for him. And testing yourself , is always going to bring out the best in you.
Another way of realizing your true worth , is through Motivation. What motivates you , or who motivates you , depends on you itself. But motivation plays an important role anyhow. So how? Say for eg. You are working out with a friend. You automatically get a feeling of competitiveness , who can run faster , longer and better ; who can pick up more weights. Or say you’re appearing for an interview and a group discussion round to get admission in the top most university, you will work really really hard to be better than your toughest competitor, if not the best ; be it your speaking skills, knowledge or confidence. Its not like you’re “fighting” to be the best , you’re just “motivated” to be the best. And that’s always a good thing right? The end result’s good for you. And you’re happy.
Sometimes , to achieve something in life , you need to give up on some really important things. Because you know , If you really work through it , you’ll get what you want hopefully , and you’ll be happy.
Follow your heart , but its okay to follow your mind too sometimes. Its always good to be smart about things , about life.
Someone said “good things happen to those who wait” , I say “good things happen to those who know how to live life and believe in themselves”.
Let people in. Do all the things that you love to do. Eat your favorite cuisine. Share things with your loved ones. Listen to good songs. Click pictures. Patch up with old friends.

Because life is too short. Live it now , stop thinking so much , and just get out there , and smile like there’s nothing in this world to worry about.

Do all the things you want to do. You never know what might happen. Go get that someone special. Go live your dreams.

Go get motivated , go live for a change 🙂

Good luck.



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