Life as it comes.

Its not just you but I think everyone goes through a phase when they don’t know what to do with themselves,with their life. There’s like this whole baggage of problems, confusions, opportunities, plans, changed mindsets, decisions, strategies and god knows what, that one carries when comes the deciding point of their life. What you really want to do with it, your ambitions, dreams, follow ups. The mind goes through a various ideas and plans, suggestions and advises, but in the end, a decision needs to be made so that you can move ahead and well, actually do something with your life. Work in a great place, acquire a good position, earn respect and maintain a decent level of reputation and network , and of course earn a lot of money. Is that how every single person tags “life”? How do you. Think about it. Is that it? Or there’s more to it?
So if ever you’re stuck, you can’t get yourself to decide. Toss a coin. Keep one option on heads. The other on tails. You tell yourself you’ll do whatever the result may be. Right? But what happens is, when you toss the coin, your brain immediately makes a decision for you. Well unconsciously, you get your answer. When the coin’s in the air, you realize within nanoseconds what you want. And you go with that.
Life’s like that. You’ve got to do what you want to do. Don’t depend on others. Their opinions matter but you choose for yourself in the end. Take life as it comes. Its a race. You’re running. You’re slow, you lose. You’re fast, you might beat the ones who’re faster than you. You stumble and fall, you’re left behind, but you can always catch up and be more careful in future. Run. Run as if someone’s following you. Run for your life. You injure yourself, get help and start again. Be determined and reach the top. Nobody can stop you. You’ll be pushed down multiple times, but you know how to fight back. This is life. Hold on tight. Keep running. Take life as it comes.



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